Adopt a Delegate / Student

Please note that the application process deadline for the Adopt a Delegate / Student Program is March 15, 2018.

The IUPESM 2018 World Congress is proud to introduce the ‘Adopt a Delegate/Student’ initiative, giving prospective delegates from a developed world setting the opportunity to adopt or part finance the registration and accommodation costs of a peer from an emerging economy.
Delegates can support other delegates by donating any amount they feel appropriate during their own online registration process.
To encourage co-ownership of the project, adopted (sponsored) delegates will carry financial responsibility for return travel to the Congress, while the donated money will be used to help offset costs for registration and/or accommodation.

The IUPESM 2018 World Congress recognizes that most people from emerging countries don’t have the financial resources to attend meetings outside their country.
With this initiative the IUPESM 2018 World Congress hopes to provide additional opportunities for those researchers and physicians to attend IUPESM 2018 World Congress, exchange information and set up a network with researchers and physicians from all over the world attempting to help the sponsored delegate’s research both now and in the future.

Those individuals who would like to apply to receive funding support from the Adopt A Delegate / Student Program are required to submit a cover letter to the WC2018 Congress Organizing Committee explaining the need for funding assistance.
Applicants must acknowledge that they will carry the financial responsibility for travel expenses related to the Congress.
If successful, the donated money will be used to help offset costs for registration only.
If applicants are accepted for abstract presentation, they must still complete their registration and payment first before the presenter registration deadline.